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Corrosion Monitoring and Protection (CMAP)

Corrosion Monitoring and Protection (CMAP)

The complete corrosion monitoring & protection system

The CMAP ProTECHT Series is a corrosion monitoring and protection system that is retrofitted into aggressive mining processing tanks. The electrochemical system extends the life of tank components and provides performance and maintenance data via a user interface as a complete tank management system.

ProTECHT CMAP Explained

ProTECHT features

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Modular design.

Custom solutions.

Proven corrosion protection technology working together with a data driven graphical user interface to provide control.

The CMAP system is designed to protect metallic tank components from harsh, corrosive service environments. The modular design of the CMAP series product allows for rapid and safe retrofit installation to existing mine site tanks. The system works to protect the tank internals if internal protective coatings fail until the tank can be brought off line to make repairs. The live condition monitoring data allows the asset owner to see the tank condition and make confident maintenance related decisions and can be tailored to suit specific requirements.

Plug and play corrosion
protection and monitoring.

ProTECHT systems are wholly made and assembled in Australia using Western Australian manufacturers. The tanks are fully inspected prior to the systems being reto-fitted using our team of experienced electricians. Tanks are then inspected by TECHT after 12 months and information gathered is compared to the original inspection. This process determines the inspection schedule based on efficacy of the system.

The ProTECHT CMAP system provides

Real results

Saving you time and costs

We’ve helped companies like yours reduce downtime, maximise productivity and increase profitability.

$17M pa

Saved revenue for our clients

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12 hrs

Avg. weekly time saved

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Avg. increase in asset lifespan

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Decrease in asset downtime

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